What do Clocks and the Roman God of Thunder Have in Common?

More than you might think

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It turns out that analog clocks have more in common with Roman mythology than you thought. If you’ve ever looked at the dial on a Roman numeral analog clock and wondered why the notation for ‘4’ was ‘IIII’ instead of the subtractive “IV” that we've come to know, then read on!

How to Synchronize The Chiming Movement

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You proudly hang your clock, set the time, wind it up (if it’s mechanical) and watch happily as it ticks around the dial, but when it reaches the hour, you don’t hear that familiar Westminster chime that it should be playing. What gives? Chiming or striking mechanisms are easy to throw off, especially if you’ve replaced your movement or removed the hands of the clock at some point. To find out how to properly synchronize the hands and chiming movement, read on, dear Emperor readers!

On Regulating Your Clock

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So, you’ve received your new clock, and you’ve set the time, only to notice a few days later that it’s completely off. What gives? We know that every minute has 60 seconds, and every hour contains 60 minutes, but while a clock should be able to keep accurate time, often the movements need some adjustment before they can be left to themselves.

On Oiling Your Clock

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You might be surprised to hear that the response we get to the question, “When was the last time you oiled your clock?” is, “never.” Oiling your clock’s movement regularly is one of the first steps to helping it keep running smoothly. Clock maintenance isn’t something to feel intimidated about, and you’d be surprised just how simple and easy it is to keep your clock in prime condition so that it lasts for generations. Whether you’ve got something old or new, traditional or modern, what you’ve got running behind the dial generally works just the same way, and we’re here to help you learn just how to keep it going—so just read on!


6 Steps to Replacing Your Clock Movement

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Summer is officially in motion, which means that it’s time to finish those projects you’ve been putting off since December. Whether it’s your first attempt at replacing your clock’s movement, or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve put together a few resources to help you get the job done. Emperor Clock makes finishing your project easy, and we hope that this guide makes the process go quickly so you can check it off your list.