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Blakely Grandfather Clock 


Features a handcrafted case made in Virginia, USA. The case is constructed of solid red oak wood.  The movement and clock accessories are made in Germany.  Assembled and Inspected in the USA.


This finished cabinet has a graceful split pediment crown with a carved finial, keystone and a genuine, hand rubbed, crotch mahogany veneer panels.  This well balanced case feature halfturned reed columns, a tiered base with floor levelers, a lockable front door with beveled front and side glass.


The dial has applied brass Arabic numerals, a moving moon disk and ornate cast center and corner spandrels.  The pendulum bob has a matching cast center disk and the weight shells have a matching band.  The mechanical 8 day cable driven movement offers the three most renowned clock melodies, Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington, second hand feature and automatic night shutoff.


  • Size: 85 34 x 25 x 13 14 in.
  • Movement: Mechanical 8day cable driven movement
  • Chime: Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington
  • Auto Night Shut Off
  • Material: Solid Red Oak
  • Finishes: Light Oak, Dark Oak, Cherry
  • Also available in: Light OakTriple Chime Movement #010993I91161


                                   CherryTriple Chime Movement#010993N91161






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