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Emperor 100M Replacement Kit

Emperor #208 Clock Movement Kit


Includes our most popular Hermle 451 chain operated movement/clockworks that plays the Westminster chimes. Includes a moving moon dial, a wooden stick pendulum with 4 1/2" bob, polished weight shells and fillings, gong assembly, hands and hardware. This is a conversion kit for 100M movements marked "77". This package fits the 120K Newport case, 100K and 110K Rockport case. Please note that this package will not fit in the new Franklin clock case.

Dial Size: 9 78 x 13 in.
Weight Drop: 55 in.
Width: 10 12 in.
Depth: 6 in.
Pendulum Length: 33 12 in. (from center shaft)


ThreeYear Factory Warranty.









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